ZHelper 4

About ZHelper

ZHelper is a mapping program designed to be used with Fred Coughlin's Zelda Randomizer. Version 4 has been rewritten nearly from scratch, adding many new features and revamping existing ones. The source files are included in the download, so feel free to mess with it, use it on your stream, or whatever as long as you're not doing something illegal with it.


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ZHelper 4 Overworld Map
ZHelper 4 Dungeon Map


Web Version

If you'd like to test out ZHelper in your browser, there is an HTML5 version available: v5 Beta


You can download the current version of ZHelper 4 (v4.45) for Windows here.

The most current Windows version compiled in GM Studio 2 can be found here (NOTE: This build is untested!)

If you're looking for the tournament stream version, you can grab it here. It includes instructions in the readme. Its very stripped down compared to the normal ZHelper 4.

v5 Beta builds are now available at the bottom of this page! Check them out if you want to test the newest features.

It is highly reccommended that you check out the manual/help page, even if you've used ZHelper before, as many things have been changed over time.


Here are the manuals for v4 and the v5 Preview builds. They should explain everything you need to know.


You can view the Privacy Policy here (Last updated 09/24/23).


Latest Release/Changelog

Click on a version number to download that version. For a more complete version history and download links for old versions, see this page.

v4.45 (GMS 1.4 Build) (GMS2 Build) (01/06/20)

v5 Beta Builds

NOTE: These are beta builds, and may contain bugs! Use at your own risk!

v4.99.22-Windows - Linux (03/13/24)

Known Issues: