ZHelper 4

Privacy Policy

This page describes what info is collected by using this website. This policy applies to this website, located at http://www.questwizard.net/zhelper/, as well as any downloadable programs available through the website, specifically ZHelper.

Information that is collected:

The server used to host this website tracks routine information about visitors, as most servers do by default. This information includes, but is not limited to: the web address (URL) of the content that was accessed, IP address, browser details, timestamps, and the referrer URL.

When is this information collected:

The above information is collected whenever you make a request to the web server for any content, whether it be a webpage, image, other other content. In the case of ZHelper, it will request a couple of small text files from the server upon opening the main menu. These files are used as part of the program's update checking mechanism. You can view these files at the following URLs: http://questwizard.net/zhelper/files/update.txt, and http://questwizard.net/zhelper/files/updatev5.txt (this file will not exist until ZHelper 5 is released). If an update is found, and you choose to accept the update, the program will also request a zip archive from the server containing the files required to update the program to the latest version.

What this information is used for:

The above information is only accessed and/or used for routine website administration & maintenance tasks on an as-needed basis.

Update Information

Notice of updates to this privacy policy will be posted on this page, currently located at http://www.questwizard.net/zhelper/privacy.html. The last updated date will be updated when any changes are made, and the changes will be summarized at the top of the page.

This page was last updated on 5/25/2018.